Camera Practice

Posted by Dutchman Saturday, February 20, 2010 1 comments

Today I finally got out with my birthday present to myself. It is a Canon EOS 50D Digital SLR. I headed out on some of the muddy thawing dirt roads northeast of Oxford. I was careful to keep an alert eye, as this area is the haunt of the infamous Dirt Road Bicycle Commuter. Running into him could be a problem, as you’d have to put up with the taunts of “where’s your bike?”, “what are you doing in that car?”, etc.
I shot a few photos to get used to the camera controls. It was sunny and about 33 degrees F. The time was just before noon, so there was a lot of glare, and the snow was blinding.

The first two photos are of the old grain elevator in Leonard. The last is the National School (circa 1880). Double click to see the full size photos.


Posted by Dutchman Thursday, February 18, 2010 1 comments

Sorry for the title. I live with two teenage boys, so we don't speak English much any more.

Haven't had much time to post lately. With the addition of pitching workouts, Tyler is up to 4 baseball practices per week, along with 2 basketball games, 3 basketball practices, skiing, bowling, and homework. Zach hangs out with his two neighborhood friends and I see him long enough to respond to "what's for dinner", "I need money for...", and "My school lunch account is at 0".

Yesterday we made reservations to stay in Omaha in June. Tyler is attending a baseball tournament there in conjunction with the College World Series. I guess that will be this year's vacation. Meanwhile, the Dirt Road Bicycle Commuter is taunting me because he's going to Colorado this summer.


How Much Will We Get?

Posted by Dutchman Tuesday, February 9, 2010 2 comments

I was envious of the D.C. area last week. We need snow here. This is the time of winter where not having snow makes things rather boring. But, now it looks like we will get some. The question is, "how much"? Just to the south, around Detroit, they say 6-10 inches. Here the prediction is for more like 4-6. I think the weather man should continue to be wrong, and we should get about 12. Maybe then work will be closed on Wednesday and I can finally enjoy winter.

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