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Break Time

Today is Tyler's last day of school for this semester.  Monday was Zach's.  Mine is Friday.  Then we'll have over a week with no homework and only a little basketball.  Time for a little rest and relaxation.  It will go by all too quickly.  Of course, all that is contingent upon not being crushed by the planet Niburu, blown up by a mega-volcano, being hit by an asteroid, or any other such calamity.

Tyler Visits Notre Dame University

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On Friday, July 27th, Tyler took a tour of the Notre Dame campus.  Saturday, he played at Goshen College and Sunday on Notre Dame's field.

Tyler, Kyle, and Shawn at Notre Dame's Eck Visitor Center and the Bookstore.

Batting at Goshen College
Warming up in right field at Notre Dame

Last week of Baseball 2012

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The final 5 games of the 2012 Rebel season are this week.  All will be played near South Bend, Indiana in a showcase tournament. The final game on Sunday, will be at Notre Dame's stadium. Tyler has had a busy month, playing in the AABC District Tournament the week before last in Fremont, Indiana.  This last week he was in Ft. Wayne for the AYBT Basketball Tournament, and now this week, Notre Dame. Squeezed into all of that, was Zach's graduation party.  August will most likely be filled with tryouts for next year's baseball team and basketball workouts.

“My colleagues who study climate-induced changes through the earth’s history are more than pretty worried. In fact, some are terrified.”  - Arne Mooers

Study Predicts Collapse

Mean Guy

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Look out! I suggest you try not to hit to the left side.
You WILL be out.

Ever Seen a Glacier?

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In the late winter and spring of 1975, I was trying to decide where to go for a vacation that summer. I liked canoeing and camping, and thought about a trip to Florida's Everglades National Park. I was also interested in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, as I had never seen mountains, having grown up in northern Illinois. About the highest elevation you ever got to in Illinois, was when you helped replace shingles on your parents roof. I can't now remember why I opted for Colorado. Once I experienced the western mountains, thoughts of travelling anywhere east lost all attraction. The contrasts from where I grew up were huge. There was sage and pine instead of corn and elms. The streams were crystal clear instead of the color of coffee with extra cream. The air was dry, not humid, and comfortable 70s during the day. Nights were crisp. There was snow on the peaks even in July and August. Hikes taken at high elevation, often crossed snow fields. When backpacking, you could catch a trout at noon, bury it in snow, and cook it for dinner.
In 1977, I veered more northward, into Wyoming. The mountains aren't as tall as in Colorado, but there were a lot less people and development. In 1979, I went backpacking in the Beartooth Mountains along the Wyoming/Montana border, and then on up to Glacier National Park at the Canadian border. The elevations there are not as high, but because you are further north, the tree line is lower, and there were glaciers all around. There were even less people and development there. In those years, you would be hard put to find a fast food place anywhere around Glacier. People said "if you want to see what Colorado was like 20 years ago, go to Wyoming. And if you want to see what Wyoming was like 20 years before that, go to Montana."
Now it is different. If you were never in Glacier National Park in the 70s, you can't see it now, at least not quite in the same way. The glaciers are disappearing. The sad thing is, I am responsible. I drove my CO2 belching 1977 Buick Special across the country to see the glaciers. We are all responsible.
In the animation below, watch what happens to the glaciers between 1980 and 2010. Then, watch them disappear between 2020 and 2030.
It makes me wonder what other things my sons won't see. And what things they will see, that they'll wish they never saw.

One Week of Leisure

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There is a one week lull between the end of Tyler's basketball season, and the start of the baseball season. This is the week, March 5 - 9.  Last week there were 2 basketball games, 2 band concerts, a counselor meeting, and a baseball practice.  This week...nothing.  Next week baseball tryouts start.  So, for the next 5 days, I am not a taxi driver and spectator.  Yippee!  One week of calm, and then the big push until summer will start.

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