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Tyler's baseball season has ended, but there is no rest for the weary. He's now in preparation for his freshman year in high school. Two weekends ago, he had tryouts for next springs baseball team. He made the team, along with a number of boys who played either Freshman or JV ball for the high school this spring. The new team has a pretty aggressive workout schedule for the remainder of the summer and fall. This includes Nike Sparq training to increase agility and speed. Hopefully this will translate to a spot on the high school team next spring. Meanwhile, he is attending "open gym" sessions for basketball on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays with a number of players from last years JV and Varsity teams. Thus, he is now in some sort of workout for 6 days each week.

On the academic side, Tyler is taking an advanced language arts class this year. A requirement is that he read "Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes" this summer. He has some assignments due when he shows up for the class this fall. He is about half way through the book. I've been reading along with him. I think the alternate title of the book should be "Mythology: The Complete Cure for Insomnia" as it is guaranteed to put you to sleep in 1 minute or less. I'm not sure if the ancient Greeks really believed this stuff, or maybe these stories were actually just skits for their version of Saturday Night Live.

Zach is spending a lot of his summer traveling. He has gone up to the Tawas City area a few times with his friend. Right now they are up at Mackinac Island. He also traveled to Cleveland where he attended an Indians versus Washington Nationals game. His friend Luke's father is a coach for the Nationals, so Zach got to sit in the family section.

Zach is also prepping for his driver's test. He is getting to be a pretty accomplished parallel parking expert.

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