Goal Achieved and Exceeded

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Tyler has been working on a goal since September of 2004. It was then, at the age of 8 that he was told he wasn't a good enough baseball player to continue on with his team. His team was reserved, according to the "dad" coaches, for the Oxford High School players of the future. The future has arrived. They were wrong.
Tyler's goal was to be chosen for his high school team. He played at age 9 and 10 in the local recreational league. He had boys on his team who were pretty good ball players. Others liked to pick flowers in the outfield and catch butterflies. It wasn't an issue. Only a few boys could hit the ball out there anyway. During those two years, Tyler played on a summer tournament team with a number of other boys who weren't "competitive baseball" material. He started taking batting lessons with an ex-professional player who runs a training facility.
When he was 11, Tyler finally played on a competitive (Federation) baseball team. Of course, it was formed out of other boys who were supposedly not that good. That spring, his team defeated the team of "future" high school players. The next year, they defeated them again. And again the third year, although by now, some of those future players weren't playing anymore.
Six years of work finally led up to last weeks high school tryouts. Twenty nine freshman tried out for the team. A few of those "future" players made it through the try out and were chosen for the 12-14 spots on the freshman team. But alas, Tyler did not make it. That is because he was one of the few freshman to make the Junior Varsity team. HA!

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