Posted by Dutchman Friday, January 15, 2010

For about the last 3 months, things have been relatively quiet and slow. It's January however, and things start to heat up in the Bachelor household.

Tyler has been attending his weekly baseball lesson, but now things start to ramp up. His baseball team is back to weekly practices and he also made the 8th grade basketball team. That means practices every day until 4:30 and games twice a week. Our weeks will be more and more busy until May, when our peak of activity occurs.
Goodbye home cooked meals. Hello more stops at the gas station to fill the tank. So long "moments peace and quiet".


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. What's so bad about eating out? Especially if you live in such close proximity to the Sagebrush, Casa Real, Jets Pizza and BW3 restaurants? Sounds pretty good to me.


  3. Dutchman Says:
  4. Yes Tony, I suppose those would sound good to you. You forgot the OX, Jimmy John's, and Wiches.


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