Posted by Dutchman Thursday, April 1, 2010

Well, the day has finally arrived. Zach, Tyler, and I have spent most of the week boxing up all or belongings, and we are ready for the move.

I've always wanted to live in an A-Frame chalet, and now we have one. It's on Lakeville Lake, just east of Oxford, and sits on a hill on the west side of the lake. It doesn't have a garage, but there is plenty of space in the walk out cellar, for canoe and bicycle storage. I'm going to run a cat-5 cable under ground down the the boat dock, where I'll attach a wireless router. That way we can sit on the dock and fish, while still working online with a laptop. Below are a couple pics of the outside and inside.

New address is 700 Gravel Ridge Rd, Leonard, MI.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Beautiful place. My back is still sore from helping you pack boxes last night though...


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