Bikes I've Owned - Part Three

Posted by Dutchman Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1993 - Current

Giant Sedona DX - In the summer of 2006, the coach of my son's baseball team began to bug me about a return to bicycle riding. At first, I ignored him, as I had already determined that years of de-generation of my right hip, had reduced my range of motion to the point where I could no longer ride. I checked out having a hip replacement but had been convinced by more than one doctor to wait as long as possible, as they don't last long, and you probably only get 2 shots at replacements. I can remember the day in 2006, when I pulled the old Fuji Touring IV down out of the garage, pumped up the now 21 year old tires (which actually held air) and tried to ride around my cul-de-sac. I had tears in my eyes as I realized I couldn't turn the cranks even 1 time with my right leg. He peristed and suggested that maybe a more upright bike might work, so in the spring of 2007, I purchased a Giant Sedona for $450, not even knowing if I could ride it. By raising the bars and seat post, I managed to straighten out enough that I could actually ride it a couple of miles. I started adding miles, out the nearby rail trail.

Giant Trance II - Next, the "coach" (later to be known as the "Dirt Road Commuter") talked me into getting rid of the Sedona in favor of his used Trance mountain bike. This I did, as it was easier to spend the $500 than to listen to his constant nagging. I now ride the Trance whenever off road.

Rans T-rex - In the fall of 2007, the "coach" started bugging me about a DALMAC ride. It is a 4 day ride from Lansing to Mackinaw City, Michigan. You average about 80 miles per day. That of course wasn't going to happen on a "comfort" bike, so he suggested a recumbent. I spent most of the winter researching these, while riding an indoor recumbent exercycle, and in the early spring purchased a used Rans from eBay for $950. I rode it a few times, but didn't really notice much difference between riding it and the comfort bike as far as my hip was concerned. It was then that I wondered if perhaps, due to the riding, some range of motion had returned. So, out came the Fuji Touring IV, whose tires I pumped up (they still held air). I rode it a mile and determined that I indeed could again ride a road bike.

Cannondale Caad 7 Sobe' - I sold the Rans Trex after only riding it a few miles. I recieved $900 from the eBay auction, and turned it around on a Cannondale. After training the summer of 2008, I rode 2 days of the DALMAC in late August.

Cannondale SR500 - The Caad 7 was a good bike, but the frame geometry was a little long for me. While shopping on eBay for a frame for my son, I came across an SR500 frame. This frame is more of sport touring geometry as opposed to the criterium racing geometry of the Caad 7. So, I managed to win the brand new, never been used SR500 frame for $87. I built it up with all new Ultegra triple components, and it is this bicycle that I now ride on the road. The Caad 7 was stripped, the parts and frame sold on eBay for about $1000, which is more than the original used bike cost, 8 months before.

Bicycles are fun. They are more fun to take apart and put together than to ride. Also, they make really great directions hanging from all the walls and rafters of your garage.

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  1. Nino Says:
  2. They are fun, when can I use the "Rocket Bike" again? But remember "It's not about the bike."


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