The Hit

Posted by Dutchman Sunday, September 20, 2009

Since this is a Bachelor and SONS blog, here is a poem that my son Tyler wrote for Language Arts class last spring.

The Hit

Now it was our favorite player's chance
He walked to the plate, got into his stance.
The first pitch was hurled and around the bat came
It missed by an inch, was a strike just the same.
A second throw flew from the pitchers hand,
Strike two! Yelled the ump as the ball hit the sand,
And our player gave him a fierce look.
That was no strike and was low in anyone's book.

Now he had to be careful with a count so bad,
Se he lifted his elbow and leaned back just a tad,
And when the next throw came over the plate,
He swung with his might and all of his hate
And the ball left the park over the outfield gate.
Four runs won the game and sealed the other teams fate.


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. That poem is a real hit! Nice Job!

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. What a great poem! I am so proud!


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