Four Days Off

Posted by Dutchman Monday, October 5, 2009

I had some vacation days left to use up by the end of the year, so I took two last Thursday and Friday. It's fall and there isn't a better time to be off. So, I spent four days cleaning.

When there are three guys living in a house, your priorities are a little different than what they'd be if there was a woman about. Things tend to pile up during the summer, when the boys are out of school. They have all day to create their messes. When it comes time to clean them up, baseball, bicycling, movies, and anything else we can come up with, are all rightfully higher on the priority list. But, now they are back in school, and it was a cold rainy weekend, so what better to do than clean. Besides, we were running low on spoons. That is to say, every time you looked in the silverware drawer, there were no spoons available. Just as the ranchers out west have to herd their cattle in off the open range prior to winter, I had to go on a roundup to locate all the spoons. We eat, we watch TV, we head out to our activities, and the spoons generally fend for themselves out in the vast hinterland of the upstairs bedrooms and basement entertainment room. There is a bonus for every spoon you round up, as usually they are sitting in a bowl or on a plate, that also need to return to the "corral" in preparation for the long winter.

All is good now. We are ready to enjoy the coming fall colors, cold nights, and warm evenings in front of the fire.


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