Something To Do (Part 1)

Posted by Dutchman Sunday, October 11, 2009

It is autumn. All the activities of spring and summer are over. Pretty quickly, the leaves will be falling, and the cold wintery weather will commense. Unlike the Dirt Road Bicycle Commuter, who is busily converting his blog from 2 columns to 3, and who also has commuting to work on ice to look forward to, I have little coming up that will keep the boredom in check. So, I propose to build a new bicycle for next year.

I built up a road bike for myself as well as one for my older son Zach, last fall. I ended up with a Cannondale SR500 all ultegra, and he has a Fuji Team, all ultegra. I think my project for this year will be a touring bike.

I have a vintage Fuji Touring IV, which I purchased in 1985. It is one of my very few possessions that survived all the moves from 1987 until 1999 when I ended up here in Oxford. Because it is old, it could be pretty troublesome to replace any broken parts occurring on a tour, should I decide to ride it. The 27" tires, tubes, and wheels would be hard to find, and the Suntour drive train would be hard to replace. So, I've convinced myself a new bike is needed.

I will use this blog to record the build as it progresses. On the sidebar, I will include a link to a spreadsheet showing the parts list, as I accumulate items from eBay or other sources. Prices will be included, so you get an idea of the cost of such a project. I'll slowly gather the components of the bike as I find good deals.

Stay tuned...

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Safe some time for me. I may need help after I mess up my 29 build...


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