Something to Do (Part 3)

Posted by Dutchman Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today, my frame was delivered. It is a Sanner (of Palo Alto, California) custom frame, built especially for long distance touring. It is steel lug construction of double butted Dedacciai Italian tubing. It includes cantilever brake mounts, 3 bottle mounts, and eyelets and bosses for fenders and racks. The frame is powder coated in a dark mettalic green with beige head tube, fork crown, and accents.

It seems common these days for shippers to deliver packages in a somewhat poor state. Such was the case with this frame. There was a larger puncture hole in the side of the box, that had been taped over. Whatever punctured the box, managed to find the small seam in the cushioned wrap that was around the drive side chainstay. It chipped the paint off in two places.

I don't blame Sanner Cycles for this, as every square inch of the frame was covered with foam tube wrapping. It was one of the best packing jobs I have seen. However, there is only so much one can do to protect an object from poor handling by a shipper.
I like the frame too much and received too good a deal on it, to complain or ship it back. Rather, I'll touch up the two chips with enamel. Normally, I cover the drive side chainstay with Lizard Skin or a similar product to protect it from the chain, and this will cover the flaw anyway.
Other than the shipping issue, the frame shows the builder's expert workmanship. The paint job is excellent.

Next...frame preparation.


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