Something to Do (Part 9)

Posted by Dutchman Friday, October 30, 2009

Crankset Installation

Following theShimano instructions, I began the installation of the XT bottom bracket and CS-770 crankset. First, I needed to determine the width of the Sanner bracket shell. As per the directions, a 68mm bracket requires two 2.5mm spacers on the drive side of the crank, and 1 on the left. I greased up both sets of the Hollowtech external bearing cones and threaded them onto the shell. These were tightened to the specified torque. I inserted the drive side single piece crank and axle and used a rubber mallot to push it through the bottom bracket. The left crank arm was mounted, 1.5nM of torque was used to load the bearings, and the cross bolts were tightened to complete the installation.


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