Something to Do (Part 14)

Posted by Dutchman Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I had to do some cutting and painting of brackets for the rear rack, so while I waited for paint to dry, I started on the brake and shifter cabling. I used Jagwire cabling and inline barrel adjusters.

The front brake cable hanger had to be offset to the right because of the dual stem set up. The front cable is pulling a little from one side because of this. To compensate, I adjusted the tension on each caliper so that they still came in contact with the rim of the wheel evenly. The Cane Creek cross levers have a barrel adjuster so no additional inline adjuster was needed. The rear brake cable housing touches the top tube, so to avoid wearing through the paint, I added a small Lizard Skin patch.

The Kelly Take Offs come with cable noodles that can be used to direct the cable away from between and in front of the handlebars, so that a bag can be attached there. The shifter cables were threaded through the friction shifters, noodles, and Jagwire inline adjusters before going to the down tube. From there they went under the bottom bracket and to each derailleur. Because I'm using friction shifters, it was rather easy to set the cable tension and adjust the derailleurs. The only thing needed, was setting of the limit screws to keep the chain from going out of range of the cogs and chainrings. In the included photo, you can see my homemade chain hook that is used to hold the chain together while you adjust the length and insert the connecting pin. My son Tyler sacrificed a coat hanger, which was cut and bent for this purpose. He never hangs up his clothes anyway.



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