Yellowstone Super Volcano Explodes

Posted by Dutchman Monday, November 16, 2009

My son Zach and I went to see the movie "2012" last Friday evening. It had a lot of good special effects, mostly of California falling apart and sliding into the ocean. The scenes of Yellowstone exploding were unimpressive though. This may mostly be due to the fact that I knew immediately that it wasn't filmed anywhere near Yellowstone. The actors drove into the park on a road I know doesn’t exist there. Also, they were hiking through an evergreen forest that had a lot of moss hanging from the limbs. It looked more like one of the coastal forests of California.

As in all disaster films, most of the characters in the film miraculously survive in the end. Mostly, the movie was good mindless entertainment.

In a couple of weeks, another "disaster" movie will be out. It is called "The Road", and is based on a book written by Cormack McCarthy. Back in 2008, we were headed to a baseball tournament in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. As we were driving, I decided to download a couple of audio books from iTunes. I have found that the miles pass by much faster when listening to a book. Zach and Tyler mostly watched DVDs in the back seat, or listened to their iPods. I am glad, as this was about the darkest story I have come across. It is about a father and son traveling cross country in a post apocalyptic world. If the movie stays faithful to the book, I think most people will come out of the theater with a little different mood than that of "2012". Thoughts of the latter, might be along the lines of "what neat special effects", or "there's no way that would ever happen". "The Road" will be different. You might leave the theater not wanting to think about it at all. Most likely, you will think about it in the middle of the night when you wake up in a cold sweat.




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