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Posted by Dutchman Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My son Tyler received an assignment in his 8th grade Language Arts class. He was required to write about his hero. The subject had to be in Michigan. He told me that he wished to write about a baseball player he thought of as a hero. The player was D.J. LeMahieu, a local high school athlete who had made it to the “pros”. Tyler’s baseball hitting instructor and a coach of his team, Chris Newell, had also instructed D.J. He had done well in high school and had gone on to play for LSU, appearing in this and last years College World Series, and had recently been drafted into the Chicago Cubs organization.

Tyler told me he might have a hard time coming up with 500 words to say about D.J. In the end he picked a different hero. He wrote the following and handed it in this week. Sometimes, “thanks” comes when you least expect it, and in ways that surprise you. Raising kids is hard work, but sometimes, 500 words can make it more than worthwhile.


My Michigan Hero


My dad is my hero. He does everything for me and he loves me. He takes his time to help me when I am sick or need assurance and when I cannot do things for myself. He is one of the few individuals that have influenced me to go for what I want, no matter how difficult or challenging it is.

My dad is not just my hero in life, he is my hero in baseball. Every day I work to get just a little bit better, and he is right next to my side. He spends his money to get me lessons and pays thousands of dollars just so I can play. He doesn’t care if I don’t go anywhere in baseball, he spends his money just because he knows I love the game.

When my dad was younger he loved the outdoors. He lived in Park City, Utah and canoed and skied whenever he got the chance. He stopped doing these things because my brother and I were born. So, last year, he got me into fishing, canoeing, and skiing. I didn’t think I would like these things, but I absolutely love them. Now every weekend we do something outdoors and when the winter comes we are going to start skiing. I am so glad my dad does these things with me because a lot of parents won’t.

When I was five, my parents were divorced. It was the worst time of my life. I lived with my dad and he lost his job and had to do everything around the house. I felt bad I couldn’t help him. Once we got back on our feet, life was better, but he still had to do everything. I respect him for this because he knew there was nothing we could do and he loved my brother and me.

My dad is my hero for the everyday things he does, from paying for me to go to the movies to providing food for me. He clothes me, shelters me, feeds me, and loves me. That’s all I could ask from a parent. My life would probably ok if he didn’t do these things for me, but the fact that he does, shows he really cares and loves me.

Without my dad my life would be a disaster. He keeps me in line and makes sure I am always ok and ready for everything. He keeps me involved with things just because I enjoy them. He does things with me that his dad did with him and provides daily things I need to live. He does everything for me and he loves me. My dad is my hero.


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  2. This is really beautiful. Your kids are very lucky to have such an amazing role model for a father :)


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