Something to Do (Part 11)

Posted by Dutchman Monday, November 2, 2009


Over the weekend, I mounted the front and rear derailleurs. I purchased Shimano Deore Xt's. The rears is an RD-M771-SGS and thus is a top normal design. In other words, when the shifter cable is slack, the pulleys would be positioned below the smallest cog. Road bikes are usually configured this way, as opposed to a mountain bike derailleur which would be positioned below the largest cog. With the M771, my friction levers will be forward at the stop, when in the high gear. You would pull them back towards you to shift down for climbing. The SGS is the long cage designation which gives you a total of 45 teeth capacity. The difference between rear cogs (34-11=23) and chainrings (44-22=22) gives me 45 teeth.

The front derailleur is the FD-M771 which is a down-swing model with double pull.  On the Sanner frame, the seat tube bottle bosses are high enough that I won't have an interference issue, going with the supposedly stronger down-swing action. The M771 is also double pull, meaning I can route the cable from the top, or in my case, the bottom. I had to use the included set of shims to adjust the front bracket to the size seat tube on the Sanner. A small sticker is placed on the derailleur by Shimano, that you use to line up the M771 with your large chainring. It can be seen in the below photo.


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