Something to Do (Part 17)

Posted by Dutchman Saturday, November 7, 2009

Completion and Test Ride

After the addition of a Topeak Tourguide handlebar bag, the Sanner touring bicycle is complete. We’re experiencing a warm snap, with a temperature today of 68, so I took the bike out for a spin and final adjustment. The ride is great and of course is way more comfortable with those wide 700x32 tires than the 23s I'm used too. The friction shifters combined with Xt derailleurs worked flawlessly. I can shift several gears at a time with out the extra clicks needed when using brifters. The shifting is a little more touchy than what I remember from my Fuji Touring IV, but that would be because of 9 rear cogs instead of 6.

All in all, I think this bike will work great for touring next summer. I'll probably do a break-in tour early in the spring. My goal is to take the ferry across lake Michigan and tour Door County, Wisconsin sometime in the summer. Also The Dirt Road Bicycle Commuter is planning a tour that includes the ferry to Canada at Marine City, cutting across Ontario and catching the ferry connection through Pelee Island to Ohio.


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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. I can't wait to ride it!


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