Something to Do (Part 10)

Posted by Dutchman Sunday, November 1, 2009

Front Brakes and Kelly Take Offs

The Cane Creek cantilever front brakes were easily installed. I mounted the front wheel, so I could adjust the brake pads on the rims. Following this, I installed the Cane Creek SCR-5 brake levels. For shifters, I decided to try Kelly Take Offs with down-tube levers, after discovering the take offs on the internet. I purchased a set of Shimano Bar-con shifters in case I don't like the friction shifting of the Kelly set up. If the set up works out, I'll resell the bar-cons on eBay. When looking for down tube shifters, about all that were available, were Shimano indexed shifters at around $100. However, I found some old Dia-Compe style friction shifters from Rivendell. They were one of the best working and most popular shifters before the dawn of Index/SIS shifting.


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